“Mike Moran saved my life!! I was facing a lot on a criminal charge and because of him I'm here with my family”
    Mike Moran saved my life!! I was facing a lot on a criminal charge and because of him I'm here with my family!! I would recommend him to anyone of my friends or family!! Thank you again
    - Dawn R.
    “I don't know any other way to say it but attorney Michael Moran saved my life!”
    I was charged with a felony in a case where there was a very damning video that did not tell the whole story. Attorney Michael Moran adequately presented the facts of the case which led to the dismissal of my charges. During the process Michael Moran carefully broke down and explain my options and the process every step of the way. I don't know any other way to say it but attorney Michael Moran saved my life!
    - Sean D.
    “Mike Moran is the attorney to have”
    Mike Moran and Will Moran kept me out of jail. They presented the case and prevented me from serving jail time. Moran and Associates is the only law firm I would recommend to any friends and loved ones. They are attentive and professional. He is truly a modern day Perry Manson the best in Georgia.
    - Carlos M
    “Great lawyers guaranteed”
    These lawyers are great they strive to make your case better and they get the job done mike and will are great lawyers that know what they're doing and they never give up. They did miracles for me and i am truly satisfied.
    - Jason gibbs
    “If you need an attorney, go with the best. Go with Michael Moran.”
    When I found myself in need of a guide through the complexity of the Colorado court system I was lucky enough to have been referred to Mike and his awesome staff. Going through a DWAI is a terrible experience especially when you're active duty military, but Mike did a phenomenal job in helping me weather the storm, prepare for the hearing, and still leave the court with a favorable outcome. It has been over a year since my case was closed and when the DA made a clerical mistake that could have cost me my freedom, ruined my finances; Mike's awesome staff flew into action on my behalf without being obligated to do so! Great people that truly care about their clients! If you need legal representation, do yourself a huge favor and choose Michael Moran and his team of experienced professionals.
    - Jake
    “Situations are ever changing”
    I had a question regarding a licensing issue out of state and I called Moran and Associates to see if they could assist. Mike Moran called me back within a few hours and was able to provide me with the legal direction that I needed. There was no charge for his telephone consultation. He was clear concise and professional.I received the legal information that I needed. I would recommend Mike Moran and Moran and Associates to the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.
    - Lawrence
    Happy with the outcome with my case. Took a while because of the complexity, but his son came to my final court date and did a excellent job.
    - Hairdresser
    “Honest and Straightforward”
    Mr. Moran and Associates were the most professional, knowledgeable and straightforward law firms I have ever come into contact with. I received only honest and easy to understand information throughout the entire process. I would recommend Mr. Moran to anyone and everyone. He was kind, concerned, honest and straightforward with all his legal advice and actions. If I ever need an attorney again, hopefully not, I would definitely call Mr. Moran. I have his office phone number in my phone to call for any legal situation. I am truly grateful to Mr. Moran, his Associates and office staff for such great service.
    - Ms. Hawkins
    “Trustworthy and hard working”
    Mr. Michael Moran has proven to be an honest and caring lawyer. Very trustworthy and takes every case to heart for his clients. I have recommended him several times to friends as well. Thank you so much for being the great lawyer that you are. Exemplary
    - Dani Hawk
    “He’s the best!!!!”
    Mr. Moran saved my life on two occasions. Words can’t amount to how much great work he has served for me and my family. He got my case thrown out with no sweat and I thank him for that from the bottom of my heart.
    - Junay Bradley
    “Silverback - Honor and Respect follows Mr. Moran”
    Mr. Moran carries the strength of a Silverback. My brother was stuck at Rice Street jail mental health area. For months I was calling for an update. The judge signed orders for my brother to be transferred to a mental health hospital for treatment. The jail did not honor the paperwork of the judge. For almost TWO years my brother just sat at Rice Street jail receiving inadequate treatment. It wasn't until I located Mr. Michael Moran when things started moving. The week they found out about Mr. Moran, my brother was transferred immediately. Mr. Moran worked this case and my brother was home within three months. Mr. Moran is a Silverback who KNOWS THE LAW and WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR CASE. He is honest and work with integrity. Thank You Michael Moran & Associates
    - Carolyn Moore
    “Great layers”
    I recommend this Law Firm to anyone Mike the attorney there he handle my case with ease I didn't even have to appear in front of a judge he got my case dismissed he is well worth the money that I spend not only that I did not have all the money up front and he let me make payments wonderful lawyer you cannot go wrong with this Law Firm
    - Justin
    “Wonderful attorney”
    Mike helped me with a very difficult case involving an elevator accident. He was very thorough and had to work very hard to get this case resolved. I also had to call on Mike again for another matter. He always explained the situation in the process. Not only is he a competent attorney but also a caring attorney. We truly appreciated everything that Mike did to help us.
    - Judy
    “I was very happy with my outcome”
    I had a situation that was full of lies and I had 1 week to get an attorney. Mike was willing to assist me in this matter promptly. Mike showed up to court ready and was very professional. Thank you so much Mike for getting to the bottom line and making sure the Judge knew my innocence. If you need a professional attorney who listens to you and analyze the situation carefully Mike is the attorney for you!
    - Natalie burton
    “Highly Recommended !!!”
    I was faced with very serious charges a few months ago. I searched high and low for affordable good representation with no avail until I came across Michael Moran & Associates. I'm very thankful that I did. While I appeared normal on the outside to family and friends I was broken on the inside. The thought of explaining to my children that mommy may be going away for making a mistake was unbearable. I'm so thankful for Michael Moran. He's the reason I stand free today. He was knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful. During the process he spent ample time with me to walk me through and ensured that I understood exactly what was going on at all times. I highly recommend Mr. Moran. He returned every phone call, every email, and led me to Victory! I'm forever grateful!
    - Ms. Banks
    “Need legal help give them a call as soon as possible.”
    This law firm is one of the best in Georgia. I would recommend that you give them a call for any of your legal needs. Mr. Moran and his associates are very informed on Georgia laws and do an excellent job in court defending your case. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Call Moran and associates before you call anybody else. I can assure you that any legal help that you need will be to your satisfaction.
    - Effie Stokley
    “Extremely Helpful”
    I had questions about a legal situation and Mr. Moran talked to me for 20 mins and answered all of my questions. If you have a problem please consult with Mr. Moran I’m sure he will handle your case with care and compassion. :o)
    - CC
    “If you are in it to win it Moran is the man!!”
    From the bottom of my heart I am grateful. The initial consultation with Mr.Moran gave me such relief. When you have a loved one in serious trouble you want the best defense for them. The professionalism with compassion was what I needed. Mr.Moran and his son dealt with all my and sons questions and never sounded or acted like a big shot. Their demeanor superior, phone calls returned and respect given. I would recommend this firm to anybody that crossed my path that were in need of Judicial help. May you continue to be successful and helpful. A satisfied client Vasrani
    - Doris Vasrani
    “The BEST”
    Mr. Moran is one of the best attorney's of our generation. When i went to see Mr. Moran i had been indicted on some very serious charges that transpired while working as an armed security officer. He got the Judge to drop the Aggravated assault charge and the possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. If convicted my life would have been over. I thank JESUS for delivering me and using one of HIS angels to bring me out. Mr. Moran is such a professional and a great attorney. He is worth every dime!!!!
    - David Laster
    “Responsive, proactive, and reassuring”
    Our son was facing serious allegations even though no warrant had been issued. After contacting several attorneys, I spoke with Mike Moran and knew right away he could help us. He was quick to return my call which I greatly appreciated in my panicked state and very proactive with the investigating detectives. He was reassuring and provided the professional and emotional support we needed. Thankfully, no charges were ever filed against my son but I will forever be grateful to Mike for helping us out of a terrible situation.
    - Alice
    “Best Attorney Ever”
    There are no words that can describe how grateful I am to know Michael Moran. I've literally watched this guy work many miracles in court. He has compassion for his clients and is always upfront when it comes to your case. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me as well as others in my family. I'd definitely recommend Mike to anyone facing criminal charges.
    - Prince Robinson
    “Mr. Moran never fails to deliver quality service.”
    Mr. Moran always provides excellent service. He not only cares about his job but about people. He doesn't just counsel on legal matters but he also gives advice to life matters through encouragement. We have utilized his services twice now and have been very pleased with the outcomes. I always keep Mr. Moran's card on me and his office number saved in my phone to recommend to others when needed. If my family needs a legal team in a time of need we know that Mr. Moran is the one to call and we are happy to have made such a connection with him. Mr. Moran never fails to deliver quality service.
    “Walked in faith with me!!!!”
    This was my first time having a lawyer in my corner and not against me,what a relief. I received a great service, a real friend of the family connection. I was given the attention I needed, and was made sure I understood everything through the entire process. was honest and upfront with everything.
    - Stewart
    “a lifesaver, great guy”
    extremely kind person, who was very clear and honest in giving advice and direction. you can be confident he knows what he is doing. he is seasoned and professional
    - Don
    We have unfortunately needed help from Mr. Moran to help with some serious charges against my grandson. At age 20 they don't always make the right decisions. Michael Moran is our HERO. He can make good things happen with his experience and expertise in negotiations.. It was nothing short of a miracle that my grandson is free after multiple charges involving drugs and a stolen gun. He sincerely cares about his clients and goes to bat for them 100% ! Thank you so much Mr Moran.. This Nana is a happy camper 😊. I have my boy back !!
    - Teresa
    “Great service”
    Mike gave me a lot of free advice b4 I even hired him that prompted me to hire him and he turned out to be the best choice I could have made thank God for you mike and your team keep up the good work
    - Rodney Barber Sr
    “They Are The Best In Town”
    I wanted to write my own review. My mother hired Mr. Moran for me because I did something I should not have done. It wasn't that serious but because of my profession it could have caused me my job. I would like to thank Mr. Moran for all that he has done to help me and I hope I never find myself in this situation again in life. However If I do for anything else I have his number on speed dial. He is never hard to reach, he calls you right back and handles you case with dignity and respect. I was very embarrassed for what I did because I know it hurt my mom and my dad. They have always taught me to do the right thing. But you know how it is when you think you know everything and you don't listen.. I learned the hard way and without Mr. Moran my case would have turned out much different than it did. I can not say enough about this law firm... They really go the distances for you. Thank you, Mr. Moran I owe you my life...…
    - Darrin Stokley II
    “God Is Good”
    I reached out to Mr. Moran regarding a terribly frustrating situation regarding a loved one. Not only did he assist me but did so at no cost to me. Someone else would have surely been much obliged to charge me for the exact same service that Mr. Moran did for free. My family is more than grateful for such a kind gesture and I must say that if I’m ever in need of an attorney again I know just where to go.
    - Alicia Jordan
    “Amazing Service”
    I’d recommend Moran and Associates to anyone. They have a great team that goes above and beyond to help you through your legal situation. They’re always willing to help and work with you. Couldn’t ask for better service!
    - David Y
    “Don't waste time with those other guys! Go to Michael 1st!!!”
    I would HIGHLY recommend Michael Moran & Associates. He was quick to get back to me, stayed in constant contact throughout the whole process, and best of all he got the job done. His friendly approach made me feel like I was family and he turned a less than desirable situation into one I could later laugh about.
    - Jake K.
    “”Gets the job done!””
    Moran offered the best service possible! Day in and day out he worked closely with me and answered any questions or concerns i had no matter the time of day. Definitely recommend him.
    - Bruce Young
    “"Phenomenal team"”
    I honestly could not have gotten through my case without the amazing support from the team at Moran and Associates. Their hard work and patience are unparalleled in Atlanta. Moran and Associates make you feel like your top priority and is always willing to go the extra mile. They got my case dropped and I am extremely grateful for the entire team! Thank you, Moran and Associates!
    - Sinai S
    “Excellent Attorney that gets the Job Done”
    I was traveling from out of town for the weekend in Atlanta and came across a situation that required immediate legal advise prior to me returning. I reached out online to a website that finds legal counsel in the area and Michael Moran responded within 2 hours of him being notified. Mike spoke with me over the phone about my situation and he was very honest and was able to advise me within 10 minutes of the best action to take. I knew immediately that he would be my best representation for my situation as I have spoken with another attorney prior. I must say the reason I hired Michael was because he was very knowledgeable and came up with solutions to apply to my situation within this very moment. He was ready to take action on a Saturday night ! This is the kind of attorney you want to have on speed dial. As a medical professional you never want to be in legal discordance as this can disrupt your livelihood. I felt like I had a bodyguard as I didn't have to talk with the investigative officer to risk incriminating myself. I have to say I was blessed to have been connected with Mike . His years of experience is definitely a valuable asset to any criminal legal situation here in Atlanta. My case has been resolved and my stress eliminated within a few hours because someone is passionate about what they do! Thank you Mike for being who you are!
    - Imani
    Mike was amazing in representing me in my times of greatest need: helping me have my charges dismissed and records expunged in one case of terroristic threats and battery and one case later of drunken disorderly, while helping me take steps to turn my life around. I would recommend him to anyone no matter their situation.
    - Nicholas
    “Extremely helpfull”
    I feel fortunate to have had Mr. Moran as our attorney. He is knowledgeable, professional, caring and supportive. He brought us to the best possible outcome.
    - Pat
    “Mike Moran is a great attorney”
    I was very appreciative of the service that The Mike Moran Law Group provided exceptional legal advice and showed great patience while helping to resolve a family dispute. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again, Mike Moran!
    - Errol C.
    “Mr. Moran is the best!!!”
    I am so glad I was able to have Mr. Moran with me thru my legal issues. He was, not only super professional and knowledgeable but very comforting and friendly. He made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Mr. Moran to get you thru your legal issues. Thank you Mr. Moran!
    - Carla
    “Great Business”
    I had the pleasure of working with Michael Moran. My first time with a lawyer and he did a great job with my case. I’m very satisfied with my outcome and will be recommending him to other clients in the future. Thank you much for your services.
    - Alicia Peralta
    “"Iron Sharpens Iron So Does A Man Sharpen the Countenance Of His Friend."”
    Speaking With Mr.Moran For Half An Hour Really Brought About Significant Modification Of An Ill-Favored Situation.I Appreciate The Dedication,Consistency,Ambition and Most Of All The Courtesy Displayed On My Behalf.Highly Recommended And Greatly Appreciated.Thanks!!!
    - Steven Gilmore Jr
    “Highly recommended”
    Mike was an amazing attorney. I had MAJOR charges that he got reduced and walked away with no jail time! He’s highly recommended. If you’re looking for someone who is truly for you mike is the person to call!
    - Leon
    “Moran is the Court Whisperer”
    The Justice System is “F’...cked up.” It’s extremely complicated, with rules only applying to some. On any given day a guilty person can be set free and an innocence person could get life in prison, without an opportunity for parole. For over 25 years, I have called on Moran to help me navigate through the uncompromising accusations, misunderstandings and society’s rush to judgement. In those cases, Moran listened and created the best defense possible and has gotten many cases dismissed. I call Moran anytime my family is faced with fight for our freedom. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small quiet affair or news-breaking case, there is no other person I would seek for guidance. Moran doesn’t settle and is not afraid to go to trial! He is a trusted advisor, a good man and a friend. Moran is The Justice System’s Morpheus… call him if you ever get caught up in the Matrix.
    - Lanier
    “Great service”
    Awesome service. Mike and team have handled all my cases and has never lost one
    - Liz Tarver
    “He will fight for you.”
    I trust Mike Moran and associates. I was facing alot of legal issues and Mr. Moran fought hard for me and got better results than I ever expected. He also genuinely cares about his clients. Thank you Mr. Moran!
    - Dawn
    “Highly recommended”
    Mr. Michael Moran is highly recommended to anyone. He is very professional and trustworthy. He helped me win a case in one of the worst counties in the state. He didn’t over charge me and after I did what he asked me to do he handle everything from there. His professionalism in the court room was immaculate. Mr Moran I personally want to thank you again.
    - Very good lawyer
    “Be nice.”
    Mike was Amazing, I was frustrated along the process he was always available to speak to me and calm me down he explained every process along the way. I am forever Grateful! Melody was also helpful I am very Thankfully to Michael Moran & Associates.
    - Hannah.O
    “I wouldn't fight without Mike!!”
    Mike is by far the absolute boldest and baddest attorney in Georgia. I've known him for many years and have used him many times to represent me as well as my son on what could've been some serious issues. He is well known by most judges and prosecutors and well respected. I wouldn't go into anyone's courtroom without Mike!!
    - Prince Robinson
    “Committed to exceptional service!”
    When our family was faced with an unexpected legal situation, Mike Moran was caring, compassionate, professional, and committed to working towards the best outcome. He walked with us through each step of the process. Mike and Will Moran were instrumental in giving my daughter a fresh start and we cannot adequately express the depth of our gratitude.
    - Allyson Davis
    “Professional and Efficient”
    Well handled and highly professional
    - HG
    “His work is outstanding, and I look at Mr. Moran as a father figure. ”
    “Thank you for all you have done for me Mr. Moran.”
    - Mia B.
    “Simply the best.”
    Simply the best. Atty Moran is very thorough and goes above and beyond to satisfy his clients. His staff is also very professional and friendly.
    - Diannia B.
    “Always Been Dependable and Reliable”
    Mr. Moran has served me on plenty of occasions. He has always been dependable and reliable. I always get the best outcome of my case and the last case he did for me got dismissed. I strongly recommend him for any problem you may run into.
    - James M.
    “Very Honest and Straightforward”
    My son was in a real jam when a friend referred us to Mr. Moran. As advertised, he was very honest and straightforward about the possible outcomes of his case. Turns out, he was able to get my son a "First Offenders" plea which will leave him with no felonies on his record. I could not have asked for more. Mr. Moran's staff is also very pleasant and helpful. Melanie, thank you for putting up with a frustrated mother. I appreciate them all and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of criminal legal services.
    - Robin D.
    “Mike Handled My Case Quickly And Got The Best Possible Outcome”
    I was referred to Mike from a friend as I was dealing with charges that had the potential to derail my career and my quality of life. Mike handled my case quickly and got the best possible outcome (2 dropped charges with 1 that will be dropped conditionally). Not to mention he was very flexible with the price and payment structure for his services. I strongly recommend Mr. Moran to anyone who has legal trouble.
    - Seymour K.
    “Demonstrated A High Level Of Professionalism And Expertise”
    Mr. Moran recently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise as he represented me in a very serious matter. Throughout the entire process he kept me informed of all my options which helped put me at ease. Furthermore, he was able to leverage his extensive network of professional connections within the judicial system to help expedite the most favorable outcome in the shortest possible time. He has my highest recommendation!
    - J K.
    “He is not only knowledgeable but is also very down to earth.”
    Mr. Moran is simply the best lawyer to work with. He is not only knowledgeable but is also very down to earth. I can definitely say he helped me out a dark corner and into a position to succeed. Thank you Mike!
    - Mykelti D.
    “He gave me Honest and upfront answers!”
    I called frustrated about traffic citation. He gave me Honest and upfront answers! Greatly appreciated!
    - Terrez S.
    “I wish every attorney demonstrated the same level of care and concern as Mike.”
    Mike is quite simply THE BEST!" I wish every attorney demonstrated the same level of care and concern as Mike. We came to Mike in time of great need...he took the time not to just listen but also to demonstrate he cared about the outcome. Mike went above and beyond the normal course of business to assist in our outcome. I would recommend him proudly to a friend in need of his services!
    - Chris S
    “Being such a wonderful attorney and of course busy he always found time to respond to my calls with-in a timely matter.”
    Mike has been the absolute best attorney one can ask for in the state of Georgia. I had a very complicated DUI case which involve multiple appearances, appearances I was unable to attend due to me being from out-of-state. He appeared on my behalf as well having my charges reduced. Being such a wonderful attorney and of course busy he always found time to respond to my calls with-in a timely matter. Thank you very much Mike for all of your help.
    - Jamel P.
    “He is without a doubt a dedicated intelligent attorney.”
    I want to thank Mike Moran for the stupendous job he performed in handling my case. He is without a doubt a dedicated intelligent attorney. He also does great follow-up work after your court case is over. If it weren't for Mike, I would not be free today and at home with my loving wife. Thanks Mike!
    - Walter L.
    “He's one of the wonderful lawyer to have because he'll will put all his time in to make sure your case is done right.”
    I would like to thank Mike Moran for taking the time out to help me with my case. He's one of the wonderful lawyer to have because he'll will put all his time in to make sure your case is done right. My case has been dismissed and I thank him for all the work and time he put into my case.I can't explain how I am. You did a wonderful job!
    - Ernestine H.
    “Our experience with him was excellent.”
    My fiancé and I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Mike Moran for your sincere hospitality. Our experience with him was excellent. My fiancé was facing years in prison on four very serious felony charges. He was also a convicted felon currently on felony probation. Mr. Moran was very honest about the situation. He explained everything to us and made us feel very comfortable and welcomed. He is very down to earth but really professional all at the same time. Mr. Moran was able to get three of the charges dismissed and the four charge the judge basically gave my fiancé a slap on the wrist. That alone let us know that Mr. Moran is very well qualified and respected within his legal community. After the case we closed he also handle other legal issue for my fiancé free of charge. .Since then we have recommend him to family and friends. Again Thank you so much Mr. Moran
    - Tiffany N.
    “I highly recommend Mike Moran.”
    I highly recommend Mike Moran. My son was facing several serious felony charges from the state that could have sent him to jail, possibly ruin his chances of finding a decent job, and kept him from pursuing his college goals. Mike convinced the DA to drop all but one charge that was reduced to a simple misdemeanor. Plus, there was no probation! Thanks Mike for everything you did for him and us.
    - Olen G.
    “Don't waste your time going anywhere else!!!”
    Mr. Moran is an excellent attorney!! He represented me in a case that was dismissed. He is professional, caring and works with you regarding your attorney fees and a payment plan. I would highly recommend Mr. Moran!!! Don't waste your time going anywhere else!!!
    - Kerry F.
    “Working with Mike Moran has been a blessing.”
    Working with Mike Moran has been a blessing. He understood not only the case at hand but also the personal side and made sure he was point on in both regards. I'd highly recommend Mike for any of our representation needs. He's the best!
    - Dave L.
    “Attorney Mike Moran Was Heaven Sent For Me”
    OMG, Attorney Mike Moran was heaven sent for me, because i was facing six years on credit card fraud charges in Gordon County, when I contacted his office, he gave me a phone consult for FREE, he also very very INEXPENSIVE, because most Attorney office's that I contacted, wanted $5,000-$10,000 to handle a case on this level, so TELL all your family and friends about the BEST KEPT SECRET IN TOWN, you would be crazy not to at least give him a call for consult.
    - Curtis S.
    “Clever and professional staff headed by Atlanta's best.”
    Mike stayed in the saddle with me for over two years. All charges dismissed on a DUI. Clever and professional staff headed by Atlanta's best. Nothing less than highest praise and respect from myself and family. Thank you all so much.
    - Robert H.
    “He Gave Me Excellent Advice”
    Spoke with Mr. Moran over the phone, and he gave me excellent advice. He provided me with other options I didn't know were available to me. All for the free. Great guy!
    - Pj R.
    “If you are looking for an attorney...this is your guy.”
    Michael Moran is an excellent attorney. He represented my husband and was able to get the charge reduced. Mr. Moran is one that not only knows the law, but he works hard and cares about his clients. If you are looking for an attorney...this is your guy. Great job Moran & Associates. Thank you for all that you do.
    - Chasity H.
    “Mr. Moran brought the utmost experience, compassion, affordability and trust in the handling of my case.”
    Michael Moran recently represented me with a sensitive legal issue. Mr. Moran brought the utmost experience, compassion, affordability and trust in the handling of my case. I was more than pleased with Michael's overall service and legal fortitude. I would like to both recommend and thank Mr. Moran and his staff for their WONDERFUL work.
    - Kyle Z.
    “He is not only a great person but and awesome attorney he can help you with any situation”
    Mike Moran recently help me with my legal matter. He is not only a great person but and awesome attorney he can help you with any situation and has great rates, again I would like to thank Mr.Moran for his help and exceptional work if you need a great attorney please contact Mike Moran you will be glad you did take it from me
    - Tony H.
    “The outcome was exactly as he said it would be.”
    Mike Moran recently represented me in a case. The outcome was exactly as he said it would be. He is not only a great attorney, but a good person as well. Thanks Mike! -NM
    - Nancy M.
    “A prince of a guy!”
    Mike Moran is an exceptional attorney. He is always able to get a charge dismissed or reduced. He has a great camaraderie with judges and other lawyers in the Atlanta area. I sincerely appreciate how well he handled my mother's case. A prince of a guy! If you need a criminal defense, please contact Mr. Moran.
    - Victoria L.
    “He is very professional and an excellent attorney.”
    I would highly recommend Mr. Moran services to anyone I know. He is very professional and an excellent attorney. My fiancé has had a number of serious problems with the law over the years in different counties and Mr. Moran has represented him at least 4 times. With having a long criminal record Mr. Moran worked very hard and ALL outcomes where a major success. With his outstanding knowledge of the law, felony charges were dropped and it gave my fiancé a second chance at getting jobs and staying out of prison for a long time. Mr. Moran is very passion about his work and really cares for his client’s well being. I would again recommend Michael Moran & Associates because they are the BEST at what they do. Thanks so much for your help!!
    - Whitney M.
    “I would recommended him to my family and friends.”
    I want to thank Mr. Moran for all his hard work on my case. Even though he thought it would be an open and shut case it turn out not to be. I would recommended him to my family and friends. Even has allowed me to pay him in installments because of more work he ended up having to do. Thank so much for you time and effort which got my case dismissed.
    - Marilyn K.
    “He is well versed in his expertise.”
    Mr. Moran came highly recommended from a family friend whom he represented in the past. My son had a mishap with the law and we knew we need one of the best attorney's to represent him. I must say the Mr. Moran represented well and he is also very personable. He is well versed in his expertise. From the initial moment I spoke with him over the phone and throughout all the court proceedings Mr. Moran delivered exceptional service. I highly recommend him to anyone who need a 'good' lawyer because he is one of the best.
    - Charlotte S.
    “Very Professional In Handling My Case.”
    As we all know, things happen in life and sometimes we don't react the right way to them in the heat of the moment. I recently found myself in such a situation. Right or wrong, it costs money for justice in a court of law. I was referred to Mr. Moran by a friend, and he and his associates were very professional in handling my case. The fee that I was charged was very reasonable, especially considering the level of representation I received. I would very highly recommend Mr. Moran and associates to anyone who needs excellent representation at a very affordable rate!
    - Mitchell K.
    “Mike and his staff made me feel very safe and protected.”
    In life unexpected and unimaginable things happen. For me it could have been career ending. I was Hit with some pretty significant charges. I was Referred to Mr. Moran by a Friend. Mike and his staff made me feel very safe and protected. Today all my charges were dropped! Because of the hard work from Mr. Moran I can go back o living my Life Now. If you have been calling around trying to find representation It can be exhausting. I highly Recommend Mike Moran he is straight to the point and doesn't play around. Thank You Mr. Moran is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him. He was very knowledgable with the law and the facts of my case. I was facing two felony charges, misdemeanor charges and facing jail time. Mr. Moran was able to get me probabtion without any jail time and my misdemeanor charges thrown out. Mr. Moran also allowed me to make payments on the balance of my fee. He has a caring personality and made me feel very comfortable and confident.
    - Anonymous
    “Outstanding Job He Did Representing My Son.”
    First of all I just want to thank Mr. Moran for the outstanding job he did representing my son. Mr. Moran was extremely helpful navigating my son through this ordeal. He was even patient with the nervous Nelly mother (me). The fee was very fair and reasonable with Mr. Moran allowing said fee to be broken up into payments. I personally hope to never need Mr. Moran services again, but would highly recommend him to any and everyone who could use an exceptional attorney.
    - Anonymous
    “Mike Moran has been an awesome rep.”
    Mike Moran has been an awesome rep. For me in these past months in handling my case. His consistency no matter what it took to get my case dismissed and taken care if Mike did it and never hesitated to let me know any information I needed along the way. Moran and Associates are great. Highly recommended.
    - Anonymous
    “I had a very pleasant experience with Mr. Moran.”
    I had a very pleasant experience with Mr. Moran. In the future if I ever am in need of a wonderful & caring Attorney. Mr. Moran is who I will call on & recommend! T
    - Anonymous
    “I am rating Moran and Associates with 5 stars, If I could rate more stars I would.”
    I am rating Moran and Associates with 5 stars, If I could rate more stars I would. Mike Moran is a straight forward guy. I would recommend anybody to hire him as a lawyer. I had several felony charges and was looking at serving some serious time. I hired Mike and he did his job and all my charges got dismissed. He really knows his stuff and he is good at what he does. So if you are looking for the best, hire MIKE MORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is absolutely worth it.
    - Anonymous
    “The professionalism, caring and personal attention that was shown to me & my friend needing this firm's services will NEVER be forgotten.”
    If you need someone to defend you that you can count on, this is the firm that you better call. The professionalism, caring and personal attention that was shown to me & my friend needing this firm's services will NEVER be forgotten.The end results were more than we could ever expect or ask for, and for that we thank you Mr.Moran.
    - Mery R.
    “My husband and I were blessed to have such a person, Mr Mike Moran.”
    When life hit you with some challenges, that you know your self worth is in the hands of the judicial system. You need a professional counsel of law....that's professional and has your best interest at heart. My husband and I were blessed to have such a person, Mr Mike Moran. I want to thank him for the successful out come in our case. When it seemed to be the impossible.
    - Phyllis M.
    “He really cares about his clients cases and is very thorough in his research.”
    Michael Moran offers the best representation anyone could ask for. He really cares about his clients cases and is very thorough in his research. He put together a great defense and represented my case the best way possible. He is very trustworthy and considerate of situations.
    - Anonymous
    “He did an excellent job of keeping a rather verbose judge focused on the issues at hand and helped sway the outcome in my daughter's favor.”
    Mr. Moran did a great job of representing my daughter in traffic court. He did an excellent job of keeping a rather verbose judge focused on the issues at hand and helped sway the outcome in my daughter's favor. The only area where I felt that perhaps Mr. Moran could improve would be in keeping me, the client, updated on which negotiations had or hadn't occurred before the court case and what the curent game plan or the next step was. With better communication (either by phone, e-mail or via his paralegal), I would definitely give him 5 stars.
    - Glynn B
    Mr. Mike Moran and his son Will are the best lawyers and I’ve had a different lawyer before but none never made me feel secured like I did with the Moran’s. They’re honest, straight to the point meaning they don’t sugar coat anything they was more than patient with me and my personal issues and still worked harder than I did for my own self. He also was the one person who talked to me on a fatherly figure level something my own family doesn’t do. Id sag if you want a lawyer who cares, who’s competitive, who trusts in his clients as much as they trust in him and a team who knows what there doing Mike Moran and his team is the best team to have on your side! It’s also amazing to find a firm who isn’t fazed by fake promo and top lawyer ads instead their hard work and dedication does the real promo for them! They also respond as soon as they can there patient please pay them when owed there not a money hungry form but they still need there money and it’s not places you can find to work with you nowadays especially since it’s a hard time for everyone in some way sort or form. God bless thank you again again and AGAIN for getting my case dismissed(Mille prodded and restricted) I went from one court saying they can only leave it in a dead docket to transferring it to state court getting a better offer the best offer possible (nolle prose/dismissed) thanks to Mr Mike Moran and Will and the whole Moran firm!
    - K.YOUNG